How We Keep Your Personal Information Safe

We take appropriate measures to secure your personal information and protect it against unauthorised or unlawful processing, as well as against its accidental loss, destruction or damage.

This includes ensuring both technical and organisation security measures are in place.

Technical Security measures include:

  • Using secure servers to store personal information
  • Using technologies to encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Access permissions to restrict access only to staff that need it
  • Providing access to the minimum personal data necessary, using appropriate restrictions
  • Making the data anonymous, pseudonymised or unidentifiable whenever possible
  • Ensuring changes are authorised
  • Regular security testing and assurance

Our organisational security measures include:

  • Having organisational policies and procedures in place to protect your information
  • Ensure staff handling personal information receive relevant training
  • Ensuring formal agreements such as contracts or data sharing agreements are in place with other organisations that work with us and handle personal data
  • Making sure we check suppliers have good security before working with them

Where your data is located:

  • Your data remains within the European Economic Area (EEA), or within the UK
  • Your Lloyds George notes remain in our secure premises offsite with adequate safeguards in place to ensure its protection